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Thank you for your desire to live in Murphys Ridge. This is a special neighborhood and we hope you will feel welcomed and at home in this wonderful community. 

Step 1

Connect with a lender and get 'pre-approved' to purchase your lot and build your home.  It is important to know upfront what priced home you can build and what monthly payment you are comfortable with. You will contract with the Developer to purchase the lot and with the Builder to build the home. It is important to be lender-approved for the full amount upfront.

You will purchase the lot with one of the following:

1) cash
2) a 'land-only' loan from Fidelity Bank (or your lender)
3) a construction loan (which will include the home)

If you do not yet have a lender, Amy Winstead is willing to walk you through this process: 919-889-1736.

Step 2

Pick out your lot and contact Amy Winstead to reserve it w/ a $5,000 deposit.  
Closing will be w/in 30 days of reserving your lot.  
Please contact Amy w/ questions: 919-889-1736

Step 3

Decide which Preferred Builder you would like to build your home. If you choose to bring-your-own-builder, a $10,000 premium will be added to the purchase price of the lot.  This fee covers the amount the Developer would forfeit by not using a preferred builder.  This option to bring-your-own-builder is a courtesy from the Developer, to give an option to Buyers. We highly encourage all Buyers to use one of our awesome Preferred Builders to build your home and avoid this lot premium. 

The construction of your home must begin within 4 month of the lot purchase and be complete w/in 12 months.



Step 4: Closing

You have the choice of closing on the lot by itself and later closing on the construction loan for the home. Or you may opt to do one closing upfront to fund both the lot and the home build together.  Closing on the lot must take place within 30 days of reserving the lot. If you know upfront which builder and which home you would like to build, it is better to close on both the lot and home together.  If you do not yet know the builder or the plan, it is best to close on the lot first (to make sure you do not miss out on your lot) and later close on the construction loan once you have had time to make your decisions.  Please give Amy a call with any questions.  We are here to walk you through the process each step of the way. 

Amy Winstead / Fathom Realty: 919-889-1736 


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